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Tower Fan

Tower fan is also known as a convection fan.

According to the principle of airflow, the tower fan forms a three-dimensional exchange system between indoor and outdoor air, which is similar to the blower blowing in the kitchen.

It can supply air even without fan leaves. The fan is used with an air conditioner to form air circulation. It is suitable for families with elderly and children. Its 360-degree all-round air supply makes the room feel comfortable without air supply dead angle.

The wind is "thrown" out by the cross-flow fan to form airflow - the wind pressure is caused by the rotation of the wind wheel to produce centrifugal wind, and finally, the wind is transmitted through the internal wind guide wall.

Because the cross-flow wind wheel is generally cylindrical, the tower fan is used to obtain a three-dimensional airflow wall, or "wind curtain", which is perpendicular to the ground and swings left and right. In addition, the cross-flow wind wheel has many wind blades, so the air supply is uniform and soft, which is very close to the natural wind.

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